A Yellow Painting Mother Baby Conceptual Text Art By Artist Adam Daley Wilson Stanford Lawyer Portland Maine Bipolar 2021
I Am Unholy Mary, 2021, oil on printed canvas, 10 feet x 4.5 feet (304 cm x 137 cm), Adam Daley Wilson, Aspect/Ratio Projects Gallery, Chicago

I Am Unholy Mary — a new oversized oil text painting by the conceptual artist Adam Daley Wilson, now exhibiting in Chicago at Aspect/Ratio Projects Gallery, is a story of identity. In this forgotten narrative, the Christ child — not he or she but All, not one gender or race or sexual identity but All, not just intersex or transgender but Everything — this Christ (they / them) simply desires the most basic of human relational needs — freedom to declare their identity and a mother’s unconditional love. But this Mary, neither virgin nor Holy, cannot give this maternal love — she is repulsed that her Christ is physically, racially, and sexually Everything, and that they want to give their love to Everyone, and be loved by All, through peace.

Adam Daley Wilson, conceptual artist, Stanford lawyer, dad of 2, bipolar 1, Portland Maine — insta @adamdaleywilson, aspectratioprojects.com, adamwilsonart.com