Species Anosognosia, Two Years Later

Adam Daley Wilson
2 min readMar 24, 2022
Adam Daley Wilson artist, image Species Anosognosia artwork, white handwriting on black canvas including words we know what we are doing and still we doing it, postminimalism, postconceptualism, postmodern oil painting by Adam Daley Wilson bipolar mental illness Stanford Lawyer Penn studio in Portland Maine represented by Chicago gallery image 2022.
Species Anosognosia, 2019, charcoal on canvas, 88 in x 66 in x 3 in, courtesy ENGAGE Projects Gallery Chicago and Adam Daley Wilson

— — Species Anosognosia— By positing that, despite our known collective mistakes as societies, cultures, and nations, we are at least aware of them, Species Anosognosia puts forward the notion that these very things that are us — our societies, cultures, and nations — have the potential to pivot from the current moment, and spring forward into consciously better outcomes and futures in all of our arenas — not just social justice and equality at the cultural and national levels, but also peace and tolerance from the local to the global level — for the benefit not just of a planet and those now on it, but also for the global children of our entire species, our collective young, who will soon inherit it all.

Adam Daley Wilson, gallery view of Species Anosognosia, black painting with white handwriting words and text, postminimal, postconceptualism, postmodern, textbased contemporary modern art, narrative art, language art, by artist Adam Daley Wilson with studio in Portland Maine. Adam Wilson is a bipolar stanford lawyer and cognitive conceptual artist with a process based art practice. Daley Wilson is represented by ENGAGE Projects Gallery in Chicago. Image 2022.
Species Anosognosia, 2019, gallery view, group show at ENGAGE Projects Gallery in Chicago, 2020–2021 (formerly Aspect/Ratio Gallery). Courtesy ENGAGE Projects Gallery and Adam Daley Wilson.

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Stay tuned for more brief descriptions of various relevant pieces. Until then, here is a related work: My Identity Is Not Relational To You, 2020.

Adam Daley Wilson artwork, white handwriting on black canvas, text including All I wanted was my identity, I did not want you to label me, postminimal text-based art, postconceptualism, minimalism, postpostmodern, modern art, postmodernart. Adam Daley Wilson has a studio in Portland Maine and is a bipolar Stanford lawyer with a mental illness. Adam Wilson’s works have dozens of layers of material and meanings.
My Identity Is Not Relational To You, 2020. Artist’s studio view. Charcoal on canvas. Approximately 10 feet x 5 feet. Courtesy ENGAGE Projects Gallery Chicago and Adam Daley Wilson.



Adam Daley Wilson

Adam Daley Wilson is a conceptual artist and oil painter represented by ENGAGE Projects Gallery Chicago. Adam Wilson, Portland Maine, Stanford Law, Penn, BP1